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Chamber Government Relations

The Chamber is a dedicated partner in working with local, state and federal government officials to ensure all business are supported and represented. The Chamber is NOT a Political Action Committee (PAC) and therefore cannot and does not endorse or lobby for specific candidates and/or legislation. However, we do work to network with officials and candidates and ensure members are fully aware of candidates, legislation and initiatives so they make informed decisions in the voter booth.

For more information on the Chamber’s Government Relations initiatives, email Cooper. 

2024 Elections Information

Election Dates
2024 Federal Candidates
Federal offices holding 2024 elections are: President of the United States, US Senator from Tennessee, TN-01 Congressional Representative (representing 8 Northeast Tennessee counties). Candidates for these offices may pick up petitions to run in any county within the district they choose to represent.

No federal office candidate submitted up petition paperwork in Washington County, thus we do not have information on candidates. Contact other counties’ Election Commissions to inquire about federal candidates.

2024 State House Candidates
State of Tennessee House of Representatives:

District 6

Tim Hicks (Incumbent) | Republican

Brad Batt | Democrat

District 7

Rebecca K. Alexander (Incumbent) | Republican

Sylvain Bruni | Democrat

Republican and Democrat candidates will appear on their respective party’s ballots in the August 1 election. Winners of these primaries and Independent candidates will advance to the November 5 election.

Not sure which district you are? Find out here!

2024 Johnson City School Board Candidates
Johnson City Board of Education (3 seats open):

Beth Simpson (Incumbent) | Independent

Ryan Berkley | Democrat

Kenneth Herb Greenlee (Incumbent) | Independent

Zaire J.M. Gary | Democrat

Celia F. Martin | Republican

Sam Pettyjohn | Democrat

Ginger Carter (Incumbent) | Republican

Rick Smith | Republican

Republican and Democrat candidates will appear on their respective party’s ballots in the August 1 election. Winners of these primaries and Independent candidates will advance to the November 5 election.

2024 Tennessee Legislative Session

The Chamber invested significant time and resources into this year’s TN General Assembly session. With our Government Relations Council and Chamber staffed, we tracked legislation that had the potential to benefit and harm our local businesses.

This session, we saw:

1627 bills
9 bills supported by Chamber
12 bills watched by Chamber
3 bills opposed by Chamber
2 favored bills carried by local rep.
2024 Legislation

Out of the 9 pieces of Chamber-supported legislation, 8 were passed and signed by Governor Lee:

SB1853/HB2059: Increasing the number of credits students may earn in work-based learning program (Carried by Rep. Tim Hicks, Gray)

SB1947/HB2058: Identifying substitutions for Algebra II for graduation requirements (Carried by Rep. Tim Hicks, Gray)

SB2374/HB2317: Requiring TN Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations to conduct a study laws, regulations and roadblocks surrounding operating a childcare business

SB2666/HB1923: Requiring a TCAT to reserve an enrollment slot for each of dual enrollment student

SB2530/HB2325: Establishing a TN Advisory Council on the use and ethics of Artificial Intelligence

SB2018/HB2423: Protecting businesses from being held civilly liable in a class action resulting from a cybersecruty event, unless caused by willful or gross negligence

SB2027/HB2110: Clarifies the term “work” has the same meaning in TN as interpreted by SCOTUS

SB2103/HB1893: Authorizing the commissioner of revenue to issue refunds under certain conditions to taxpayers who properly file a claim for refund for franchise taxes paid

One piece of Chamber-supported legislation was not passed:

SB1783/HB2184: Reallocating 5% of sports wagering taxes to fund completion grants for Tennessee Promise scholarship students

3 pieces of legislation this session were opposed by the Chamber, as they were seen as “harmful” to our businesses: 

SB2518/HB2633: Increasing the filing fee when businesses file their Annual Report(s)

SB1934/HB2043: Eliminating the grocery tax and enacting the “Business Enterprise Tax Act” and the “Worldwide Combined Reporting Act,” increasing tax compliance burden for businesses and overall tax liabilities for multinational corporations

SB1717/HB1730: Requiring all written driver license examinations to be administered in English only; prohibiting use of a translation device or interpreter.


Your Washington County Government

Click on each picture for contact information

Governor Bill Lee – R

Senator Marsha Blackburn – R

Senator Bill Hagerty – R

Representative Diana Harshbarger (TN-01) – R

TN State Senator Rusty Crowe (TN-03) – R

TN Representative Rebecca Alexander (TN-07) – R

TN Representative Tim Hicks (TN-06) – R

Washington County Mayor Joe Grandy – R

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