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Bob Owens Community Leadership Fund Grant Application

Bob Owens was a change agent in our community, and we want to mobilize others to create change too. With our fund of $15,000, we are accepting applications for mini grants so that you can continue the work of leadership and service in our community. Grants can be requested for any amount, but the balance of the fund will be considered when accepting requests so that the most individuals can benefit. Grants can be used for community service projects - both individual efforts and those of groups. Because we are a program of the Chamber Foundation, we like to remain neutral, so any events with explicit political or religious affiliations are discouraged. Have an idea for something else we haven't mentioned? Submit it!

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event. 

Requests are reviewed monthly by our YP Advisory Council. Not all applications will be accepted. We may follow up with ideas and/or requirements regarding your request. Do you accept these terms?